Part 1

Bobby CHARLTON - FIFA Classic Player ویدئو

English Pronunciation Training _ Improve Your Accent _ Speak Clearly ویدئو

How to Describe a Person in English - Spoken English Lesson ویدئو

How to Talk About Your Free Time and Hobbies in English - Spoken English Lesso ویدئو

IELTS Grammar - Improve English _ prepare for IELTS Speaking ویدئو

IELTS Speaking - Better Connectors_ Better Fluency ویدئو

IELTS Speaking Exam - How to Do Part One of the IELTS Speaking Exam ویدئو

IELTS Speaking Exam - How to Do Part Three of the IELTS Speaking Test ویدئو

IELTS Speaking Exam - How to Get Band ویدئو

IELTS Speaking Exam Cue Card - How to Do Part Two of the IELTS Speaking Test ویدئو

IELTS Speaking MAY to AUGUST 2020 - Part 1 Questions and Answ ویدئو

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions and Answers 2020 ویدئو

IELTS Speaking Part 1- Topic Furniture ویدئو

IELTS Speaking Topic - Home and Accommodation ویدئو

Talk About Food and Cooking in English - Spoken English Lesson ویدئو

The life and work of Alexander Graham Bell (dramatisation) - History - True Stories ویدئو

Part 2

An introduction to the Nowruz Persian New Year festival ویدئو

Esfahan (Iran) Vacation Travel Video Guide ویدئو

How To Make the Ultimate Iranian Comfort Food with Yasmin Khan ویدئو

Introduction to Yalda Night or Chelleh ویدئو

Shiraz (Iran) Vacation Travel Video Guide ویدئو

Traditional kuku sabzi recipe to celebrate the Persian New Year - Your Morning ویدئو

Part 3

Admiral McRaven Leaves the Audience SPEECHLESS - One of the Best Motivational Speeches ویدئو

Adolescent Addiction ویدئو

Alternative Energy - National Geographic ویدئو

British Education System - Britain Explained ویدئو

Causes and Effects of Climate Change - National Geographic ویدئو

Celebrities on Being Famous But Not Happy ویدئو

Celebrities on Being Rich But Not Happy + Giving Advice ویدئو

Climate Change - We are the PROBLEM & the SOLUTION (Animated Infographic) ویدئو

Crime Prevention - Legal Studies ویدئو

Drug Abuse, Causes, Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment. ویدئو

Every Parent Needs To Know THIS One Simple Truth - Dr. Shefali - Inspiring Women of Goalcast ویدئو

Explained - Worlds Water Crisis - FULL EPISODE - Netflix ویدئو

Food waste is the worlds dumbest problem ویدئو

How to Help Reduce Poverty ویدئو

How to Save Fresh Water Flow ویدئو

Is Organic Really Better- Healthy Food or Trendy Scam- ویدئو

Renewable Energy 101 - National Geographic ویدئو

Sedentary Lifestyle Health Risks- Standing Desk Megastore ویدئو

Social Media is Making Us Unsocial - Kristin Gallucci - TEDxBocaRaton ویدئو

Single Sex Schools Vs Mixed Schools ویدئو

The Importance of Forests - How to protect Forests ویدئو

There Is Only One Way Out of Poverty ویدئو

This Is How Social Media Is Destroying Your Life - The Fake Reality ویدئو

We need IMMEDIATE action to stop extinction crisis, David Attenborough - BBC ویدئو

Why Disciplining Your Child Wont Work (and What Will) - Oprahs Lifeclass - Oprah Winfrey Network ویدئو

Why do we protect animals ویدئو

Why education, not punishment, is the solution to reducing crime - John Lonergan - TEDxDublin ویدئو

Why is it important to recycle ویدئو

Why is recycling important- - mysimpleshow ویدئو

Which Diets Actually Work- ویدئو

Genetic Engineering and Diseases Gene Drive & Malaria ویدئو

How to Change Bad Habits and Become a Better You ویدئو